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Contact: Gary Pattison, Group Managing Director
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Gary Pattison

Group Managing Director

Level 2, 72 Christie Street,
St Leonards, NSW 2065

Ph: +612 9955 9500

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We are thinkers who can adapt to the latest trends and challenges in marketing. Our talented and specialised health-driven team anticipate, embrace and drive change to help build your brand and your business.

  • Gary Pattison

    Group Managing Director

    A self-confessed health and tech geek, Gary has spent most of his career working in various commercial roles within leading health communications agencies in the UK and Australia. With a passion for innovation and initiatives that really make a difference, Gary’s job is to bring clients a highly skilled, dedicated, unique team to meet their needs across brand communications, medical education, digital services, production and creative ideation.

  • David Bailey

    Director - Brand Communications

    David is a seasoned brand communications expert with experience spanning healthcare, health and wellness, FMCG, government and automotive categories both in Australia and in the UK. Whether he is mapping out the customer journey through FusionTM or uncovering a brand’s inner greatness through the big ideaLTM, David is committed to creativity and effectiveness in everything we do.

  • Toby Pickford

    Creative Director

    Wax and sharp knives. No this is not the making of the next SAW, it is in fact the making of Toby’s creative career back in ’89 when he began as a humble designer creating logos and brochures on his drawing board. 24 years on, Toby is now Creative Director for Ogilvy CommonHealth Australia and has worked in both Rx and OTC, in brand design, medical education and healthcare advertising. During this time he has secured numerous awards and has developed successful global and local campaigns. Whether it’s digital or traditional, Toby believes in pervasive creativity to help drive solutions to business problems – and he does this all without being the archetypal creative director. And when he’s not at work, he’s a devoted dad, husband and singer in a rock band.

  • Kristina Luburic

    Director – Medical Communications

    Kristina is passionate about all things medical science and has spent the past 15 years dedicated to delivering client service excellence in medical communications in Australia and the UK. She is highly skilled and has extensive experience developing innovative programs and initiatives across various therapy areas resulting in successful behaviour change for primary and secondary care.Kristina continues to seek new ways to ensure medical communication initiatives are strategic, innovative, evidence-based and ultimately improve health outcomes.

  • Rob Liversage

    Director – Scientific & Editorial Services

    Rob has a keen interest in the evolving nature of healthcare communications and his role provides technical accuracy and strategic direction to ensure quality healthcare communications to our clients. With a PhD in neuropharmacology and over 10 years’ experience in both global and local markets, Rob has gained extensive experience across several therapeutic areas, including mental health, oncology, cardiology, rheumatology and virology.

  • Jason Armstrong

    Head of Digital

    Jason Armstrong has 21 years of experience in the digital space.