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Become a Well Being

August 16, 2018

In an age of late nights, work overload and digital addiction, we can be forgiven for feeling a little lacklustre. With more pressure than ever forcing us into a cycle of ruin and recovery, how do we reclaim our lives and become masters of our wellbeing?

The path to wellbeing comes down to four life-changing insights, as covered in theWellbeing  Open to All Programme  (WPP AUNZ).

Be the leader of yourself

Imagine a circle. Place inside the circle all aspects of your life within your control – like diet and exercise. Outside your circle, place aspects of your life that aren’t in your control – like weather and traffic. Now imagine a breeze gently blowing everything outside the circle away. There they go… disappearing into the distance. Let them. If you’ve successfully fought the tendency to cram all aspects of your life into the circle, then you might have realised something – you can’t control everything and no amount of groaning about the rain is going to make it go away. It’s well established that the most successful people dedicate the majority of time to things within their circle. Their focus is on what they can control. 

Be energy optimised

Though most of us are familiar with circadian rhythms – biological rhythms that occur over a 24-hour cycle –  like the sleep-wake cycle, few would have heard of ultradian rhythms, which occur over shorter increments during the day and night. The Basic Rest-Activity Cycle (BRAC) is an ultradian rhythm that occurs in 90-minute cycles of activity throughout the day, provided our bodies and biological rhythms are in sync. To get the most out of these 90 minutes, it’s essential to rest in between, paying particular attention to the quality of our rest. Change your environment, stretch, walk, nap and unplug from devices.

Be productive

Healthy people are nearly three times more productive than unhealthy people. But what practices facilitate this productivity? A challenge that many of us face in our workday is overload. How are we supposed to navigate through the sheer volume of work landing on us? The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) states that about 80% of effects are the result of 20% of causes, that is, the majority of outcomes come from a minority of inputs. So in tackling the most important tasks on your daily to-do-list first, you’ll have completed most of your important work for the day.

Be mindful

Mindfulness meditation is not about adopting impossible inverted postures whilst chanting exuberant “Oms”. It’s the practice of being fully present. Anyone can do it and each time you draw a wandering mind back to the present, your mindful muscle becomes stronger – turning failures into success! In taking responsibility for our wellbeing, we can become more empowered and successful. Remember to incorporate these simple steps into your day to become a ‘Well Being’:

  1. Focus on things within our control
  2. Think positively
  3. Work hard and productively at what we love during times of optimal energy
  4. Practice mindfulness.  

A number of useful Apps are also available to help you on your mindfulness journey. Here are a selection that you may find helpful.


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